Paint & Body

What kind of repair does your automobile need? Is it a simple Florida sun damage, a detailed custom-work, or some other kind of damage that you need rectified? Whichever type of fixing or repair it is, Vantage Autoworks is the company to go for if you want to see and experience quality repairs. Our fully-equipped in-House Spray Booth is found inside our Shop and not outside with its elements. We stock our paints and materials stores with only the best quality products from the best manufacturers on the market; not the kind of cheap stuff that some auto repair shops use in order to save cash while not caring about you the client. We are dedicated to the best service to make sure that your car will look as good as if it is new for years to come, not just months. Serving you to the best of both our satisfaction is our duty and pleasure. Just come to us and you will see what sets us apart from our competition. We mean better quality for you and your automobile. Just visit us with your repair needs and we will be glad to prove this to you today so that next time you come with a friend or two.

Collision & Insurance

If you have had an accident recently, we clearly understand how the situation right now can be distressing to you. It is for this reason that we at Vantage Autoworks are always ready to help you deal with this stress the best way possible. When you come to our auto shop with your damaged vehicle, we will ensure that it gets the kind of quality fixing it requires, whether you were involved in a minor or devastating accident. We will repair it for you using our top-quality spare parts so that you will not have to be worried about any cheap parts repair like you would with several other auto repair companies. It is our pleasure to see the smile on your face when you are going home with a vehicle that looks and performs as good as a brand new one yet you arrived at our shop with a damaged conglomerate of metal pieces! At Vantage Autoworks, we also work with all Insurance Firms; so don’t worry about your insurance subscription not being able to cover your repairs with us. Our auto shop and repair is located just down the road, not farther away from Enterprise Rent-a-Car.

Performance & Parts

Have you been looking to increase your car’s power, make it handle the road like you are riding it on rails, or you just want to have it look much more aggressive than it is right now? Then Vantage Autoworks is here to help you achieve all that and even more when it comes to your car’s performance! Though we love it when you personally taste the experience of our quality from the services we offer you and spread the word rather than us saying it, it goes without saying that we are the best auto body and performance shop in the whole of Tampa Bay area by far. When you visit us with your vehicle, the cost of parts and services is also not a problem because we have liaised with a number of top companies to ensure that this is no longer a problem for you! We will provide you with a complete list of dealer accounts where we can shop for quality bolt-on auto parts for your vehicle at the best and most affordable prices. When you leave our shop, your automobile’s performance will have tremendously improved, yet with very little effect felt in your pocket!

Customer’s Rides

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Did an amazing job repairing my corvette. Fair and honest group of men. After they were done you couldn't even tell any

Tampa, FL

Why Choose Vantage Autoworks?

At Vantage Autoworks, we let our track record with impeccable service to our clients speak for our company. We do not really need to use sweet words to entice you. All we want is to earn your trust and continued business via the Fantastic Job that we do for you. We want to use our Dedicated Techs to give you Unrivaled Service that will make sure that you come back again and again for our services!

Who is Vantage Autoworks?

To put it quite simply, Vantage Autoworks are a Performance & Paint Shop who really care for the vehicles and people that we deal with in our repair shop. Though our crew is composed of people who come from a wide range of backgrounds, we believe that this makes us more complete when we come together to make a team, with each of our crew members bringing in their own specialty into our pot of expertise.
At Vantage Autoworks, we strive to be the best. In fact, in our pursuit of perfection and absolute dedication in the service of our customers, we have been able to set ourselves apart from other auto shops in the Tampa, Florida Area.

Our entire crew is full of absolute gearheads who love everything there is about cars and trucks. It is our strong belief that one should strive to do what they love most and everything else in life is going to fall in line. We are honest and want the best for you. Our intention is never to ensure that you spend the most amount of money for your auto repairs like some other shops do. It is always our pleasure to share our passion with our clients. We take pride in doing our job and are very glad when we see our customers get blown away by our good work when they come to pick up their automobiles. The excellent service we offer our customers has made us earn their trust, subsequently leading to a very loyal client base.